Wholly Frijole Shake Dust

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That’s right…. ALL (wholly) ‘bean’ (free-HOLE-ee)!!  100% sun-dried alpaca poo, pulverized and stored in a 16 ounce air-tight, easy shake container.  Just sprinkle a little on the soil of your plants before watering and watch them soak in the goodness.  Throw away your synthetic fertilizers.  This is all-natural, organic, odorless and simply amazing!!  Watch for fresh growth, vibrant green leaves, new sprouts, rapid seedling response.  We believe in this product so much that we had it tested at Penn State.  We knew it was great but wanted to be able to back up our observations.  Ag lab results showed it to be 15-30-15 for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium content.  This is an ideal ratio.  Because it is a dust we suggest you sprinkle as close to the soil as possible and do not inhale.  If you like it, post your results on our Facebook Page.