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We love alpacas! Our herd changes all the time because we are breeders. Babies are born, alpacas are sold to other farms, etc. If you have an interest in one of our alpacas, please ask. We are happy to work with you to find the right fit for your program or farm.


Meet Dear Prudence

“won’t you come out to play”

Dear Prudence has a beautiful feminine conformation just like her mother and sister. She’s a beautiful fawn, fully covered with a fine, consistent fleece in the top 25% of EPDs, but you would expect that with her genetics. She is full of energy and keeps everyone laughing with her ‘ornery’ spirit. She has been a great mom to all of her cria – Hay Jude, Obladi Oblada, Ringo Starrcas and Daytripper. She is currently bred to our Redemption Song for a fall 2023 due date.

ari-web-dear-prudence Ringo and Prude DearPrudence-test-002 DearPrudence-test-003


  • First place MAPACA Jubilee 2017 Spin Off
  • Judges Choice MAPACA Jubilee 2017 Highest Score for Fawn Spin Off

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