To those of us who endure long winters, signs of spring are a welcome sight.  At Silkie’s Farm, we know you want to keep alpaca near you year-round, so we pack up the super warm items and roll out some lighters options.  We’re excited to offer a new pair of socks that we recently picked up at a show from one of our reputable co-op vendors.   I know you’ll love these socks the moment you slip them over your toes.  BACKPACA socks are a lightweight, micro-cushioned crew sock designed to breathe and offer comfort.  So go hiking and enjoy footwear that won’t make you sweat or smell like you’ve been on a trail for weeks.  We love this co-op because we send some of our fiber to them and they in turn send us back product that we can offer to you at a great price.  It’s a perfect partnership!

In addition to these socks, we have other new items like hand felted corded necklaces.  These light-weight beauties are each one of a kind.  They are adjustable by a single metal bead and will definitely make a statement.  We just entered one into a fiber contest and won a blue ribbon!!   Yay us!

One of our most popular items in spring would be the Nesting Balls.  Birds love to land on the grapevine structure and pull out exactly what they want to line their nest for sweet babies.  If your Nesting Ball fiber has been used up, come see us.  We will happily refill it for free.  We always carry dryer balls in packs of 4, felted soaps, felted wine totes, and the ever popular Wholly Frijoles for house plants.  Last year we introduced a lightweight felted bangle bracelet.  It pairs well with the necklace or by itself.  Some customers have reported adding essential oils to the felt for a pleasant, lasting aroma.  Last but certainly not least, we keep yarn, roving, and core spun fiber well stocked so you can work on your projects year round.

All this to say, just because the snow is finally melting, we still have lots to offer in alpaca products.  At this point, we don’t keep regular shop hours, but are happy to meet you by appointment.  Give us a call to set that up 610.608.5337 or contact us through Facebook Messenger on our Silkie’s Farm Facebook Page.  Our store space doubles as studio space so you never know what we might be up to on any given day.  Shopping online is a safe bet and if you’re local we are happy to refund shipping for a local pick up.  At some point this may change, but for now, our on site shopping is limited to appointment only.  You can find some of our items at Village Flower Shop next to the Pughtown Agway in Pottstown.  We appreciate your farm support year round!  If you ever have any suggestions or ideas for how we can better serve you, please feel free to share.

Happy Spring (well….. almost!!)

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