Sun Brew Container


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Makes 1 gallon of Wholly Frijole Eco-Tea

The easiest Tea you will ever brew and your plants will thank you!!

Just pop 1 Wholly Frijole Eco-Tea bag into 1 gallon of water and wait a few hours. When clear water turns an amber color, you are ready to apply it to your house and patio plants.

Clear plastic container allows sun’s rays to work the tea AND you can see what’s happening under the screw cap. Transfers easily to watering can.

Store tea bag in Sun-Brew container until ready to brew next batch.

1 tea bag makes 3 to 4 gallons of soil enhancing goodness.

Dedicated container prevents use of other household items like lemonade pitchers, and avoids having to rummage through the recycle bin to craft your own vessel.

PET plastic is safe and will not break.

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