Handwoven Rug


100% Alpaca Fleece

Moisture Wicking

Easy Clean/Vacuum

Soft & Warm


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Each of these rugs was handwoven from our 100% alpaca fleece.  The patterns and sizes vary.  They are amazingly durable!  They can be vacuumed like any other rug.  Because they are a natural fiber, they clean up very easily (I have spilled an entire glass of red wine on a brilliant white rug before and you would never know!)  We are very happy to introduce these new products into our inventory.  They are made from our very own alpacas using the ‘second’ quality fiber.  The first quality fiber is used for yarn.  Seconds are traditionally used to make roving for hand spinners.  They can be flipped over but will reveal the same pattern on either side.   Use a rug pad underneath to keep it from slipping.  Nothing but great things to say about these handwovens.  We will definitely be processing more.  Check out our handwoven saddle pads too!

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2' x 3', 2' x 4', 4' x 6', 5' x 7'

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