Feet on the Street – Generosity Effort


Alpaca SOCKS for ‘feet on the street’ is a generosity effort that we kicked off in November of 2023 and will continue until mid December. This is a season of giving, so we wanted to offer you an opportunity to consider joining us help those in need with an item we love – alpaca socks! $10 buys a brand NEW pair of alpaca socks which we will personally deliver or partner with local shelters to make sure they get on the right feet. You don’t have to indicate size or color. We have teamed up with a local PA company that makes wonderful socks.

72% Alpaca
26% Nylon
2% Elastic
Crew Style

Please order these separately from other online orders and choose LOCAL PICK UP so you are not charged a shipping fee!


Many people living on the street or in shelters do a lot of walking outdoors, in all weather conditions. Feet get tired and dirty. Shoes and socks wear out quickly. Dirty socks often go back on clean feet. Feet are prone to infection and disease in this high risk population.

Alpaca socks breathe so they don’t stink. They are moisture wicking so they keep feet dry. They are warm and soft so they provide comfort. They are durable so they will last. Fleece is collected from a reputable, long established spinning mill that processes alpaca fiber using current industrial technology with respect of the environment.

We are very excited to kick off this effort and hope you will consider joining us. Every little bit makes a lasting impact… not just for warm feet, but to show compassion.

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