We are excited to announce the first of many ‘Kits’ to come.  Lots of well-intentioned knitters begin a project buying yarn but then have no idea what to do with it or put aside for “some day”.  Well, we have partnered with ND Designs to bring you a knitting package so you can get started right away or gift your favorite knitter with a wonderful item.  Check out our Yarn Shop for Drifting Cowl.  For this pattern, we used a natural skein from our sweetie Athena, but other DK yarns are available for purchase.  Sport and Worsted can be used for this pattern as well, but you may need to adjust for yardage/weight.  Soon we will have Felting Kits too!  As always, stay in touch with us through Facebook, Instagram, the website, etc. to keep up with the latest!

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