Agritourism is a fancy word for farm visit.  Farm visits are a great way to get close to some of our herd and learn about why we raise and breed them.  Your Farm Guide will take you into the field where you will be introduced and given the chance to interact with the alpacas nose to nose.  We will have at least one alpaca haltered and available for hands on touch.  Depending on the day, you may have a chance to feed them and lead them and questions are encouraged.

What is the best way to get close to an alpaca?

Alpacas are ‘prey’ animals so they often shy away from touch.  They may need some time to warm up and even then they might pull away from ‘petting’.  Move slowly and peacefully.  Put your hands behind your back and lean in.  Breathe.  Alpacas are very curious and will want to smell you – especially your breath.  Don’t worry, they are very forgiving regarding what you had to eat last.  They are head shy so when you do get to the petting stage it’s best to start on their neck or back.

What do I wear?

Close toed shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty are the best choice.  You may want to bring a spare pair to go back home especially if it’s muddy.  Otherwise dress comfortably.  If you are particularly tasty to flies in the summer, you may want to apply bug spray in advance – especially at the ankles.

How long is the visit?

Generally 30 to 45 minutes

How much does it cost?

We welcome groups up to 6 people.  Ages 5 and up will be charged $10 each.  We use this money to off set costs of food, hay, vet bills, etc.  We appreciate your support!!

While children under 5 are admitted at no cost, we do ask that they have 1:1 supervision of an adult at all times.  We understand that it is easy to get distracted by these  adorable creatures and don’t want to see anyone get hurt.  Alpacas are safe animals to be around but there are certain common sense practices that should be taken.  Your guide will explain these safety rules and will end the visit if at any time they deem it to be unsafe,

If you have a group larger than 6 people, please contact us.

Can we shop in the store?

Due to limited space, our on-site farm store is not always open to the public.  All of our inventory is available online and is accessible when you visit but it may not be on display.  If you look at our website ahead of time and have an interest in something particular please give us a heads up and we’ll try to have that item out for you to see, touch, etc.  Signature staple items like yarn, nesting balls, dryer balls, Wholly Frijoles are always available.

What are the hours?

We prefer late morning/early afternoon visits Tuesday through Thursday.  All visits must be scheduled and approved in advance.  Payment is made at time of scheduling through our ‘Make An Appointment’ tab.


Generally we have open parking at the top of our driveway.


Extreme heat or cold make for uncomfortable visits for everyone, as does torrential rain and deep snow.  We always keep an eye on the weather so if it’s looking lousy we will reach out and make an alternate plan if needed.

Will I see other animals?

YES!!  We have a llama, chickens, roosters, ducks, bunnies, dogs, cats and even a giant tortoise.  Please be aware that we don’t allow chasing or teasing any of the animals.

COVID guidelines?

We follow the safety guidelines as they are dictated by Pennsylvania Governor Wolf.  At very least, please bring a mask and use common sense.  If anyone in your party has been exposed, feels symptomatic, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days please, please, please stay home.  Our herd isn’t going anywhere and we would much rather reschedule your visit.  This goes for any germs!  🙂



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