Lovely Rita

‘give us a wink and make me think of you’

Oh that face… and those eyelashes! One look at Rita and you will see just how lovely she is. But that’s not all. Check out her lineage and it’s easy to see why her fleece is so amazing. Black Mesquite, Peruvian Caligula, PPPeruvian Mariposa, Royal Peruvian Apollo. She is uber feminine with great leg coverage and a consistent micron throughout. Her fleece shines and has great feel.  She gave birth to ‘You Make Me Dizzy Miss Lizzy’ in spring 2019.  Her offspring is just as lovely as she is.  Lovely Rita is currently under contract.


Inquire about Lovely Rita

Inquire about Lovely Rita

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Sixth place Halter Class MAPACA 2017 Small Breeders

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